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- Catering and Delivery -

At Soup N' Spoon we are proud to serve fresh, wholesome gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups. Conveniently delivered to your location. Let us cater your next event. Add a beautiful burst of color, flavor, and texture to your plate.



          Banh Mi Platter - $77.00 - serves 8 -

      Choice of proteins : lemongrass chicken, ginger    shaved steak, grilledpork, marinated tofu - pickled carrots, daikon radish, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapenos,                 sweet chili mayo on a baguette.

         Italian Sub Platter - $75.00 - serves 8 -

Italian Loaf, salami, mortadella, capicola, ham, lettuce, provolone cheese, red onions, pepperoncini, oregano-red wine vinegar.


     BBQ Chicken Sandwich - $75.00 - serves - 8 -


BBQ spiced chicken on focaccia with sunflower-cilantro pesto, red cabbage slaw  

                                                                        Turkey BLT Wraps - serves 8 - $70.00


           Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, turkey, mayo, on whole wheat

 Veggie Wraps - serves - 8 -$55.00-

         Spinach wraps - hummus, grilled zucchini, grilled red     onions, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and mix greens.








           Clam Chowder - $75.00 - serves 8 -

New England Clam Chowder - bacon, potatoes, leeks,  onions, celery, clams, cream and a hint of thyme.

      Chicken Tortilla Soup- $57.00 - serves 8 -

black beans, peppers, red onions, tomatoes garnished      with tortilla strips, sour cream and guacamole.

Thai Coconut Curry Soup- $55.00 - serves 8 -

lemongrass-ginger coconut broth with mushrooms, fennel, butternut squash, onions, tomatoes


Butternut Squash Soup - $55.00 - serves 8 -


roasted butternut squash, smooth with a hint sweetness and cinnamon


Mushroom Soup - $55.00 - serves 8-


cremini mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, leeks, cream, thyme



           Greek Salad - $47.00 - serves 8 -

 romaine lettuce, tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta      cheese, red onions, cucumbers, oregano, peperoncini                      with a red wine vinaigrette

              Kale Ceasar- $43.00 - serves 8 -

      kale and romaine lettuce mix, shaved parmesan        cheese, croutons caesar dressing                                                          

              Cobb Salad- $47.00 - serves 8 -

   tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, bacon, blue cheese,    red onions, hard-boiled eggs with ranch dressing


           Chickpea Salad - $43.00 - serves 8 -


chickpeas, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, oregano, mesclun mix salad with sherry vinaigrette


    Simple Mix Greens Salad - $39.00 - serves 8 -


          mesclun mix salad, carrot ribbons, cherry              tomatoes, radish with lemon vinaigrette

Order Online

There is a $175 minimum to place a personal order (excluding tax and delivery). We recommend you place your order at least 48 hours in advance to provide us the best opportunity to accommodate your catering needs. 

We are open  Mon - Fri
from 7:00am till 5:00pm


Soup N' Spoon LLC Boston MA

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